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Menunique | About Us
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About Us

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Menunique is one of China leading manufacturers and suppliers of top-quality hospitality and presentation products for over 12 years. We offers a wide range of product lines including menu covers, check presenter, table tent, room stationery portfolios, guest service directories, tissue boxes and coasters. With extensive choice of materials and construction techniques, all the products are best designed to convey your sense of style. Quality material and exquisite craftsmanship will impress your clients and enhance your brand profile.

Why you choose Menunique?

Premiere Quality Raw Material

  • Crystal PVC for Café Menu Cover: They are tailor-made from PVC supplier, not common in the market. It is much better than common PVC in transparency, thickness, hardness and durability.
  • Cover Materials

          In order to make your hotel and restaurant products more durable,                they are also custom made. Our cover materials are more wear                        resistant and scratch resistant.

Professional Production

  • Factory area: 40,000 square meters
  • Equipments: 6 cutting machines,3 peeling machines, 26 sewing machines, 4 crimping machines, 3 debossing and stamping machines, 6 sealing machines, wood box processing machines,  6 brad nailers and 3 packing machines.
  • 13 Years’ manufacturing experiences in hospitality products
  • Clear Labor Division: 189 full-time skilled workers. They are divided into 10 teams according to production procedure, which include sample development team, raw material team, cover and book team,  genuine leather products team, wood box team, sewing team, sealing team, debossing & stamping team, QC team and packing team.

Well-educated Management Level

Usually, the management staffs  in China handiwork factories have very low education background. Thus, it causes very low management level and unstable quality and delivery time. However, our 20 management staffs have comparative high education background. We always believe talented employees are always indispensable for modern efficient management.

We are looking forward to long-term cooperation with clients home and abroad.